What is The Provo Promise?

Our mission is to provide post-secondary education opportunities and intervention for the students of Provo School District.

 Our promise is that no matter what challenges you face, no matter what financial resources you have,
our foundation will pay for the rest.

For any graduate who attends Utah Valley University for a certificate, two year degree, or more, we provide:

  • Guidance during High School to help kids prepare for college
  • One-on-one assistance applying for college
  • Dedicated counselors to ensure success during college
  • Financial Assistance throughout your degree

Our Team

Keira Scholz


Keira is passionate about education, and as an impoverished daughter of Provo in her youth, she wants to help others live up to their potential and pursue their dreams.

Matthew Draper


Matthew R. Draper currently works as a Professor of Psychology in the Department of Behavioral Sciences at Utah Valley University. His research interests focus on the theology and philosophy of well-being and how…

James McGraw


James was raised in Provo and attended Timpview High School. He currently is attending Utah Valley University studying Behavioral Science and has plans to apply to PhD programs in Clinical or Counseling…

Nicholas Scholz


Nick is a Marketing professional with years of experience at software companies in Utah’s Silicon Slopes. He loves telling stories that change people’s lives and he knows The Provo Promise is one of them.