Soli Purcell

My Story

My parents are both from Samoa, and I am the youngest of their 7 children.
I was raised in Provo all my life… I grew up in a nice community and I was “raised by a village”. From elementary to high school, the teachers knew who I was because of my older siblings, so school has always been another home for me.
We weren’t the richest family growing up. My parents struggled to pay bills while still trying to feed 7 Polynesian kids. We’re still here, despite any rough times, because we stuck together and didn’t give up. I want to finish college, not just start it, and graduate with a bachelor’s degree from BYU. I also want to serve an LDS mission and when the time comes, marry in the LDS temple. I want to go into business and music. If money didn’t matter, I would want to spend my life helping the younger generations. Teach them that when you work hard and break through the stereotype wall, you can be your best. It’s all very cliche and typical to say but the only thing standing in the way of my dreams is myself. I’ve got to get past my own negative thoughts and just press forward. If someone paid for my college and made my dreams happen, I’d say, “I love you. Thank you. I owe you big time to pay it forward.”

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