Houston Bell

My Story

I am the proud sum of many cultures and heritages.
My mother is Argentinean and my father is from California. My grandmother was from Holland and emigrated to the United States, but I am a born and raised Provo-ite. My family, now eight people in size, has gone to great lengths to make sure that we understand how to work hard and make the right choices.
My diverse background means that I fit well into my diverse school and neighborhood.
I recently signed up for the Air Force Reserves because I wanted the chance to serve my country. Beyond that, I knew I could get help following my dreams to be a leader and help people, like they do in the EMS field. I just want to spend my life helping people, serving my country, and having a family.
I would really appreciate so much someone who cared enough to help me reach my goals and support me in finding success.

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