Isis Anaya

My Story

My Provo Promise story begins before I was born. My father emigrated to Utah from Guadalajara City, Mexico, and met my mother here soon thereafter. They had two children after they were married: me, and 5 years later, my younger brother. There were many struggles to go through over the course of our lives… My parents struggled financially, they struggled with racism, and they struggled with adapting to the American Culture in general.
But a struggle is just a chance to succeed. My family is great at persevering and pulling through the obstacles of life. We maintain ourselves and we are grounded as a family unit.
I describe my school in the same way that I describe my family:  Old, but STRONG. As a school we are strong, as a school we are proud than ever, and like any successful family, we stick together.
My greatest dream is to go to college to become an anesthesiologist. I realize it’s a lot of school, but in doing it, I’d expand my knowledge and have opportunities to help people who need it — People who in the same circumstances as I am now.
The person or company that helped me has no idea how big a difference this will make in my life. My family doesn’t have a lot of money, and that’s one of the largest challenges I deal with. The best way to thank you is by showing that your resources weren’t wasted. What you’ve given is sacred, and I’ll show it by helping others and being a success.

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