Hannah Makasini

My Story

As a half Tongan, half Caucasian, I was raised in a Tongan culture within Provo. That means that whatever I may lack, I have a neighborhood full of good families, good people, and a good, diverse public school. Our greatest strength is the dedication and love we have for each other.
My father emigrated from Tonga when he was young, and worked very hard here to earn a living for his family. Education and finances have always been a struggle for us, but that weakness has motivated our family to try harder… to do more.
I love learning about different cultures, so my dream is to get a bachelors degree in biology, then attend medical school for a PHD in anesthesiology so that I could spend my life traveling the world and helping people. 
My father’s example has taught me hard work, and I know the value of a good education. The only thing I lack is the financial support to attend school and seize my dreams. I know that some people don’t believe that I can attain my goals and be a success, but with my hard work and the Provo Promise to help with financing my education, I know that I can prove them wrong.
For those removing the obstacle for me and other students like me, THANK YOU. You promised your support, and I promise that I’ll make you proud. I’ll be the kind of person you believed in.

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