Student Stories 

Natasha Priego

My Father was born and raised in Mexico, and my mother was raised in Arizona. After they met, my Mother helped my Father strengthen his English, and he, in turn, supported her as she finished school. You can give service in so many ways; a smile, a hello, a helping hand. The Priegos are a […]

Kevin Estrada

When I was five years old, my mother was deported. In an attempt to keep us with family, my brother and I moved in with my great Aunt, the woman who raised our mother, even though she had children of her own. We have faced hardships, but our family is very tight-knit and we value […]

Annika Clegg

My mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when I was 13. Because she is a single parent, and I don’t have a father to help out in caring for her, it has been very limiting for both of us. Still, I try hard at school. I want to go to college to study counseling or […]

Soli Purcell

My parents are both from Samoa, and I am the youngest of their 7 children. I was raised in Provo all my life… I grew up in a nice community and I was “raised by a village”. From elementary to high school, the teachers knew who I was because of my older siblings, so school […]

Houston Bell

I am the proud sum of many cultures and heritages. My mother is Argentinean and my father is from California. My grandmother was from Holland and emigrated to the United States, but I am a born and raised Provo-ite. My family, now eight people in size, has gone to great lengths to make sure that we […]

Calli Kassel

My family came to the United States four generations ago, and hard work quickly became one of their most important traits. We may not be rich, but thanks to those who came before me, I’ve had no unmet needs, and that’s something to be thankful for.I love sports, and I want to go to school […]

Hannah Makasini

As a half Tongan, half Caucasian, I was raised in a Tongan culture within Provo. That means that whatever I may lack, I have a neighborhood full of good families, good people, and a good, diverse public school. Our greatest strength is the dedication and love we have for each other. My father emigrated from Tonga when he […]

Isis Anaya

My Provo Promise story begins before I was born. My father emigrated to Utah from Guadalajara City, Mexico, and met my mother here soon thereafter. They had two children after they were married: me, and 5 years later, my younger brother. There were many struggles to go through over the course of our lives… My parents struggled […]

Jamison Rubio

I was born to Native American parents, but grew up in bad circumstances. Nonetheless, my family and I have stuck together through everything.When it comes to school, I’ve always loved Sports and Mathematics most, and I’d love to find a career that helps me use those passions. My problem is that I don’t even know what […]