Renewing your Provo Promise Scholarship Application

Written by Keira Scholz in category 
March 13, 2015

Let us be the first to say “Congratulations!” on making it through your freshman year.

You ought to be proud of your hard work. You make our organization shine. Here’s what you need to have to make your sophmore year just as good as this one (or better!).


Renewing Your Scholarship

You must re-submit a Provo Promise application by March 1 of each calendar year for the following school year with:

  • College transcript
  • Submit proof of a resolved case of Bad Academic standing (if applicable).
  • If a US citizen or legal alien, apply for financial aid (FAFSA), and provide a copy of SAR (Student Aid Report)
  • Apply again for at least one outside scholarships (i.e. Latinos in Action, Gear Up, Trio, UVU)
  • Any changes to family (marriage, children), job (loss of job, joining the military), or personal situation that may affect schooling (if applicable).

This scholarship is renewable for three additional years if the following conditions are met:

  1. Students and parents/legal guardians remain full-time residents of Provo, Utah, USA.
  2. Student remains in good academic standing with the college, university or vocational school (Copy of grades must be provided to Mrs. Keira Scholz, or a Scholarship Counselor, at the end of each semester.)
  3. Student must meet with the Program’s Criteria Committee at the end of each school year (if needed in special circumstances: LDS mission, pregnancy, or academic standing change)
  4. (Student must serve on Advisory Council for Provo Promise students)


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