Do YOU qualify for the Provo Promise?

Mar 10, 2015   written by Keira Scholz

Here’s a quick guide to see if YOU qualify for The Provo Promise Scholarship:

First things first: you DO NOT have to have a certain Grade Point Average (GPA) or be involved in extracurricular activities (i.e, Football Team, Debate Team) to earn this scholarship. Don’t let yourself think that because you aren’t spectacular in those areas, that there isn’t scholarship money for you. Whatever you score on your ACT, however you squeezed into your passing GPA, we’ve got your back.

Also, you DO NOT have to get a standard, 4-year degree to qualify for our scholarship. You may attend Utah Valley University (UVU) or its technical college, MATC, for a variety of certifications and degrees. Not everyone is going to get a Ph.D in History. So, if your dream is to rip apart a muscle car or make people beautiful for a living, let’s do it!

With that out of the way, let’s give you a quick, easy list to see if you qualify for the Provo Promise!

Frequently Asked Questions

Mar 11, 2015   written by Keira Scholz

Every child in our city goes to college. That’s the Provo Promise.

We know, we know–The Provo Promise sounds too good to be true. You have questions. Let’s get you started.

Don’t see your question here? Need to dive deeper into a topic? Shoot us an email at or call us.


The Provo Promise Scholarship Requirements

Mar 12, 2015   written by Keira Scholz
Are you stoked to be a Provo Promise kid? We’re excited to be a part of your future!

Let’s get started. Here’s a list of everything you need with your application.

Have questions? No problem. The Provo Promise isn’t just a scholarship–it’s your link to college. It’s not just about what you know, but who you know, right? You know the right people with us!

Renewing your Provo Promise Scholarship Application

Mar 13, 2015   written by Keira Scholz

Let us be the first to say “Congratulations!” on making it through your freshman year.

You ought to be proud of your hard work. You make our organization shine. Here’s what you need to have to make your sophmore year just as good as this one (or better!).

Provo Promise Scholarship Checklist

Mar 17, 2015   written by Keira Scholz

To be eligible for a Provo Promise scholarship, you must meet the following requirements: