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March 11, 2015

Every child in our city goes to college. That’s the Provo Promise.

We know, we know–The Provo Promise sounds too good to be true. You have questions. Let’s get you started.

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What is the Provo Promise?

The Provo Promise is a private non-profit that gives scholarships to every graduate from a Provo School District high school. Grades (GPA) or test scores (CPT/ACT/SAT) do not have an affect on your ability to get the scholarship–only following a few steps and graduating from high school are required. Apply here.

The Provo Promise is a 501 c (3) Federal exempt status organization. Every dollar you donate is tax-deductible.  Donate here.

How does it work?

Donors from our local area, from average people to large businesses in Utah, give to the Provo Promise Scholarship fund. Provo Promise students prove that they have graduated from Provo, Timpview, or Independence High School in Provo, Utah, USA, and apply to attend Utah Valley University or its sister program for certificates, MATC. The Provo Promise pays for college, even if you don’t get any scholarships or grants, up to four years.

That means that everywhere you go–the grocery store, the mall, a business, the park, your school–you will be seeing the faces of people who have donated to your success. The whole city wants you to follow your passion and make Provo a better place!

Do I have to live in Provo to qualify?

Yes, you must live in Provo for two years, and one of those years must be your senior year of high school in Provo School District.

Do I have to attend one of the high schools in Provo to qualify?

Yes, you must graduate from Provo High, Timpview High, or Independence High school after 2018.

Do I have to get a scholarship to qualify?

No, but you must prove that you applied for at least one scholarship in your Provo Promise application. This is to ensure that you know the process in the future, not that you necessarily receive money.

Do I have to get grants to qualify?

No, but if you are a legal citizen, you must apply for grants. This is to ensure that you know the process in the future, not that you necessarily receive money. The Provo Promise does not require that you (or your parent/legal guardian) be a legal citizen of the US to receive the scholarship. Therefore, if you are legal unable to apply for federal grants (FAFSA), you can still apply for the Provo Promise scholarship.

Why do you make students apply for grants and scholarships, even if we don’t get them?

The Provo Promise wants students to learn how to succeed. We want you to know how to get what you want, even if you don’t qualify on your first try. Don’t panic over this step–we will help you with every requirement on your list. We want you to have the tools you need to get to college, and beyond.

Even if you don’t get a single penny from any other source, The Provo Promise will pay for four years at Utah Valley University, or a degree at MATC.

Every dollar you do get through scholarships or grants, is a dollar that we can give to another fellow student. You help everyone by helping yourself!

When does the Provo Promise scholarship become effective?

You must graduate after the 2017-2018 school year.

What if I want to attend a trade school, or get a certificate, and not a two- or four-year degree?

If you choose to attend UVU’s trade school, Mountainland Applied Technology College (MATC), we will pay for your training. We realize people are different, and what makes people happy can vary. We love supporting students whose passions take them to all kinds of fields of education. The purpose of the Provo Promise is to empower you through knowledge and training, and a diverse city is a fantastic city!

What if I am pregnant, joining the military, or planning to serve a religious mission? Do I lose the scholarship or can I defer it?

Absolutely, you can defer it! You must notify the office by filling out an alternate scholarship form, which will include your reason for deferring, and an expected return date to your education plan.

Every child in our city goes to college. That’s the Provo Promise.

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